A Tribute to my Father

23 Aug

Last month I was asked to write a special story about my father. Given the love and respect I've always had for that man, I was eager to offer a few thoughts on his life and the many lessons I learned from him. I wanted to share this story with my IAHE readers: http://savvydad.com/unhappy-man/

Writing this brief article was quite telling to me. Here I write about a man who achieved outstanding success in his business and political life, but qualify these successes by sharing my father's admitted challenges throughout his life.

Through this brief piece, I am reminded of the balance that must be struck between achieving success and significance from a business or political perspective, with that of a personal, family, and spiritual perspective.

As I see it, we are all designed to discover our own potential, yet given the ability, help facilitate the potential of others. Our spouses, children, friends, and family are those whom we have the right and honor to serve, to love, and to grow with.

As I mention in the article, we have the right and privilege to achieve success in this life, but never at the expense of the ones you love and your own happiness. May we all find this balance and be proud when we meet our last days.