Getting Ready for a New Structured Experience!

09 Sep

Next week is another new adventure for our “A Call to Adventure” team (Jeff Evans, David Fedler, and myself) as we work with a world-class Fortune 500 Supply Chain team to help them complete “The Hero’s Journey”.

Among our “Structured Experiences” will include our “Solo Summit” where leaders are given compelling personal questions that they must answer while summiting a large mountain in Washington (Psst. It’s outside of Seattle!). These questions facilitate a compelling inner dialogue, which begs the larger question: What is your personal leadership ethos–the ethos of your hero within?

Our second day will focus on a completely new experience that I have created just for this high performance team. I’ve been doing a little shopping to get ready:

On the mountain, this team will have to transfer 10 gallons of water through 5 individual stations–each with its own unique challenge.

Challenges will include:

1. Transferring water from one bucket to another with small sections of halved PVC pipe over smooth terrain.

2. Transferring that same water with a bucket with multiple holes in it, using fingers and other organic tools to keep the water from spilling.

3. Next will be a transfer further up the mountain using only sponges and tarps.

4. The fourth station requires navigating rocks and difficult terrain using only sticks and elbows (no hands).

5. Then a final challenge of transferring what’s left of the water with small cups.

The goal:

1. Get as much water from the bottom of the mountain to the top in the least amount of time.

To do this will require both “technical” and “interpersonal” best practice designs.

Three rounds will give these team members–broken up in dyads and quads–the opportunity to experiment and re-tool their processes, while considering new interpersonal tactics in order to be both efficient and effective.

Wish us luck!