Peru Leadership Adventure 2014. Registration is Open!

17 Feb

Dear Friends & Colleagues:

Several have been inquiring about this year’s Peru Leadership Adventure so I’m reaching out to you as you are on the list and we are finalizing dates.

If you are thinking about participating this year, please CLICK HERE and take 60 seconds to take this brief survey regarding your your potential interest and date options.

With partners Jeff Evans (MountainVision) and Dave Feeler (Summit of Everest Group), we are excited to bring together a diverse, engaging, and fun group—making this adventure a once in a life-time experience for everyone. Each year just keeps getting better and better!

Together we have found great value in using the mountains as a metaphor for developing leadership potential while experiencing the best of Peru.

During this adventure you will have the opportunity to trek the native sections of the Huber Inca Trail and Machu Picchu via Lima, Cuzco, and various historical and cultural sites.

I am sending this letter to close friends and colleagues who I thought would be up for the challenge, the adventure, and both the outer and inner journey that makes this adventure unique.

In addition to the physical and cultural aspects of the trip, we will facilitate evening leadership discussions—using the metaphor of the mountain as a tool for developing what I call your “Philosophy of Engagement”. This trip is the international/personal version of our “A Call To Adventure” 3-day team development workshops that we conduct in Colorado, Arizona, and Washington for C-Suite leaders.

This is a unique personal adventure, not only for the amazing terrain, culture, history and experiences on the way to visiting the newest wonder of the world, but because the adventure is designed to transform how you engage your life and leadership back home.

To review adventure itinerary and costs CLICK HERE.

Please let me know if you and/or family, friends, or colleagues are ready to engage this year. We can discount your adventure 5% for each referral.

We have a few confirmations already and will cap this trip around 25 participants. Also we are gathering deposits now so as to reserve trail passes that will allow us to pass through the Sun Gate—the special entrance into Machu Picchu.

I hope the New Year is treating you well and I look forward to answering any questions you may have about our 2014 Peru leadership adventure!


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