The Secrets of Young Success

08 Mar

This past weekend I took my two sons to the TED X Teen Conference in New York City. At this event where young speakers, performers, and change agents making a difference in communities around the world.

If you want to be inspired by today’s youth, this is the place to be.

One of the young sensations that I met was Malcolm Brickhouse, the leader of Unlocking the Truth. It’s a rather uncommon site to see three 12 year old African American kids playing heavy metal, but indeed that is there passion. And they were good, really good. Check them out:

Unlocking the Truth was just signed by Sony Music. A pretty impressive feat for these kids. And just 12 years old…

I ran into his mother in the hallway in the Scholastic Auditorium in NYC and we spoke about her son and what she did to help support him in his quest for success. Her answer was a wonderful: “NO TV–PERIOD”. Instead of staying home playing with gadgets she sends her son to go and make music. A modern day “Tiger Mother” right there in Brooklyn. Fantastic!

Best of luck to Unlocking the Truth and Malcolm on his quest to be the best heavy metal band in the world.

Malcolm from Unlocking the Truth