Finding Your Flow. Class Offered at UVU. March 18 and 19.

09 Mar

Finding Your Flow at Utah Valley University

If you are looking for strategies to achieve peak performance, joyful living, team synergy, or organizational effectiveness, the FINDING YOUR FLOW course is your answer. Learn 60+ strategies, exercises, and tools to discover the “critical factors” of your personal or professional performance. Each participant will take a flow assessment (the “720 Degree Sweep”) to identify Flow Assets and Liabilities for cultivating high performance and developing the self-awareness needed to advance personal and professional effectiveness. The model and tools provided will give each employee the lifelong skills to self-coach and excel in any Meaningful Life Arena.


March 18-19, 2014


Tu and W from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Taught by Dr. Bruce Jackson.

Link to register for the class: