One of the Great Vision Stories–Ever!

17 Mar

I’m a writer on flow, excellence, leadership, and the people that demonstrate greatness.

If you’ve ever wanted to be inspired by another person’s vision, then carve out the next 30 minutes and watch this video:

It’s a remarkable story of Stuart Sharp and his remarkable journey in producing a symphony that came to him in a vision–from his deceased son no less. Without any musical training or experience, his three decade question takes you through one man’s journey into hell and back again.

Look not just at the topic of vision, but seek to understand the tragedy that took place, the gift that was given, the great losses he incurred, the amazing sacrifices that he made, and his story of redemption and regret.

This is a complex story with many themes. It requires some deep pondering and thoughtful consideration. But, no matter how you see it, it is a miracle that will inspire!