Church & Longevity. Spiritual Practices for Longer Living

02 Jun

From USA TODAY:   Can attending church really help you live longer? This study says yes 

A recent study by Vanderbilt University professor Marino Bruce has found that people who attend religious services live longer and are less stressed.

Of note is the 55% decrease in mortality risk for those attending church. From social support and compassion to developing spiritual skills such as faith, hope, charity, humility, kindness, understanding, and others, it’s significant to recognize that “spiritual skills” can and should be seen as significant strategies on par with cognitive, emotional, physical, and other thematic strategies.

While these dimensions provide great insights into stress management and overall well-being,  from my work with clients, t

here is an ongoing effort and intent to explore spiritual strategies such as finding meaning, purpose, and setting goals beyond self to induce striving and thriving despite challenging circumstances. This helps us develop greater capacities for “eustress” (good stress) vs. “distress” (bad stress) so that we evolve and grow through our challenges instead of decline and perish because of them.


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