The Institute of Applied Human Excellence (IAHE) is dedicated to the advancement of individual, team, and organizational performance.

Our work emerges from the science of “Peak Performance” or “Flow” strategies. Through extensive research, study and application in multiple performance settings, identifying “Flow Assets” and “Flow Liabilities” provides a comprehensive framework for improving performance at all levels of the organization.

Whether seeking strategies to advance individual performance, team synergy or organizational effectiveness, the IAHE can help.

At the personal level, The IAHE provides a cutting-edge workshop entitled “Finding Your Flow . For those who wish to take their personal skills to the next level, the IAHE offers The Principles of Personal Excellence course (26 modules). This course can be taken online or delivered personally through a one-on-one coaching process.

At the interpersonal and team level, The IAHE, in partnership Mountain Vision Expeditions and the Summit of Everest Group, provides a unique and powerful 3-day workshop designed to discover “the hero within”.

At the organizational level, The IAHE, powered by Ascent Advisor, works with clients to help them take their companies to the next level—guaranteeing 4x ROI in 100 days.

Whether you seek a keynote speech, individual or team training, personal coaching, team leadership adventures (nationally or internally), or a more comprehensive look at your organizational effectiveness strategies, the IAHE can help you reach your individual and collective potential.