Mission / Vision / Value Statement

 The Institute of Applied Human Excellence

Mission Statement:

To help individuals, teams, and organizations find their “flow” by focusing on what’s important now (WIN)

Vision Statement:

To be the premier consulting and training firm dedicated to maximizing human potential at all levels of the organization (for profit, non-profit, civic).

This Institute of Applied Human Excellence builds alliances with like-minded and dedicated scholar/practitioners and firms in order to provide the most advanced knowledge, tools, and practices used to influence personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational effectiveness.

We provide world-class, consulting, training, offsite leadership adventures, personal coaching, and targeted speaking solutions—with the ultimate goal of helping our clients reach their inherent, yet untapped potential

We Value:

iahe flow graphic

  • Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Philosophical and Spiritual Engagement
  • Personal, Interpersonal, Team, Organization, & Community Influence
  • Full engagement of every moment towards the Long Future (LF) through the Short Future (SF)
  • Feedback and learning captured in the Short Past (SP) that resides as valued knowledge and wisdom in the Long Past (LP)
  • The inherent potential in every individual, relationship, team, organization, and community that seeks to achieve valued goals