Machu Picchu Mountain/Galapagos Islands

Machu Picchu Mountain/Galapagos Islands
Leadership Expedition 2019

The Best of Peru

Machu Picchu Mountains
Galapagos Islands

Date: June 21-29 2019

What makes a great adventure: country, terrain, culture, local history, indigenous people, ethnic food, shopping, physical challenge, service, new friends, new learning, the chance to relax and reflect, perhaps a personal transformation?

For the true adventurer: This trip has it all!

Dr. Bruce H. Jackson of The Institute of Applied Human Excellence, Jeff Evans of MountainVision, and David Fedler of the Summit of Everest Group, with Peruvian guide and coordinator, Julio Camacho have been facilitating this and other leadership expeditions since 2007.

This year we will lead this once-in-a-lifetime adventure offering the best of Peru while helping you tap into, uncover, and live more profoundly, your Philosophy of Engagement™.

During our time together you will have the chance to share your extraordinary stories, experiences and insights that define you as a leader. Together we will share our extraordinary collection of leadership lessons and life experiences that will profoundly influence our personal/professional arenas back home. This trip is consists of both the outer journey and the inner journey. Let’s review each:


Machu Picchu Adventure
Machu Picchu, via the Super Inca Trail


This will prove to be the best of Peru. This is a fascinating trip into the cultural heart of the Incas and Spanish settlers.

Our trip begins in Cusco, Peru. After experiencing the local Peruvian culture (food, shopping, touring local religious and historic temples, cathedrals, and other local sites) we take the infrequently traveled 'Super Inca Trail' (Ankascocha Trail) where you rarely see another tourist.

In total, four days of hiking this variation of the Inca Trail will bring you to the 'lost city' of Machu Picchu. We will spend an entire morning in ruin sites discovering many of its hidden treasures. First class accommodations in Lima, Cusco, and throughout the trekking journey, make this the perfect adventure for anyone—especially those interested in seeing one of newest wonders of the world.


Adventure Itinerary

Day 1: Depart home for Lima, Peru
Depart home for Lima, Peru. Depending on individual flight schedules, you will either arrive in Lima in the evening or early the next morning. Those arriving in the evening will overnight at the airport hotel in order to catch the early morning flight to Cusco.

Day 2: Cusco
Check into hotel. In the afternoon you will have a walking tour in downtown Cusco, exploring the ancient streets of this magical city, visiting the cobble stone streets and taking pictures of the amazing Incan and colonial monuments. Overnight at the Royal Inka Hotel.

Day 3: Cusco to Sacred Valley
This day we will go to explore the Sacred Valley. We will start our journey at the Chinchero village, and then we will visit Ollantaytambo ruins. Afternoon return to Cusco.

Day 4: Cusco to Chillipahua
Early morning bus will take us to the Parspichu trailhead to begin our trek up the Inca Trail. The trail climbs via a small ‘pampa’ at Amparaki to the Watuq’asa pass (3900m) where we will pass an Inca wall and fortress known as Qosqoq’awarina (the place where one can see the surrounding pass). There are great views of the Vilcabamba Massif, 3 large mountains in a row. We descend
from the pass to a small valley with a stream running through it called Anapahua, and then head up the valley to your campsite at the small settlement of Chilipauhua (3700m). 5-6 hours of trekking.

Day 5: Chillipahua to Ankascocha
A long day of hard trekking to the second highest pass, Pampaq’asa (4400m). Once over the pass, one hour down brings you to our lunch spot by the Silque River. After lunch, walk a 2 hours downhill until you reach your campsite at Ankascocha (3900m) near two Glaciers. 7-8 hours of trekking.

Day 6: Ankascoha to Km 82to Machupicchu
The day begins with a steep descent to Kamicancha valley (3000m). Passing a beautiful mountain formation, we will have magnificent views of snow-capped peaks as well as the Silque Valley. The trail descends past small farmsteads and patchwork fields to the Kamicancha Valley. Beautiful scenery and snow capped mountains will be our trail companions. Lunch at Chilca area (2900m). 5 hours of trekking and then we will take an afternoon train to Aguas Caliente´s. Overnight at Aguas Calientes.


Day 7: Machu Picchu to Cusco
First we will climb Machu Picchu mountain (4 hours) and then explore the Machu Picchu ruins—visiting each temple and walking throughout this ancient town for about three hours. After an intense morning we will enjoy lunch at Aguas Calientes. We then take the afternoon train back to Cusco (3 hours). Overnight in Cusco.

Day 8: Cusco to Lima - Depart Lima for Home Return
This morning we flight back to lima, then we will visit Lima´s downtown and we will visit the upper class district of Miraflores, then off to the Gold Museum and Armory for a tour. We will have a final dinner at the beautiful beach restaurant: La Rosa Nautica and then proceed to the airport to catch returning flights back home.

Building Your Philosophy of Engagement™
On your journey to Machu Picchu/Galapagos!

The Question

What is the difference between the average person and the exceptional performer/leader? Is it more talent, a better pedigree, the right education, the right environment? Each of these count, but none of them make the high performer/leader.

The Premise

Effective leadership (personal, interpersonal, team, organizational, or civic/community) is more than a clear mission, vision, strategic plan, goals and other tools of the trade—it’s about philosophy. But where does your philosophy come from? How is it developed?

In building your capacity to influence, it is important to recognize that many of the most important leadership skills are already inside of you, just waiting to be applied within each of your Meaningful Life Arenas (MLA’s): family, social, professional, spiritual,
academic, etc...

We believe that leadership begins with the self (Personal Leadership) and includes a focus on the physical, emotional, psychological, philosophical and spiritual self.

While some organizations recognize the importance of the physical dimension (physical fitness, wellness), emotional dimension (Emotional Intelligence), psychological dimension (mission & vision building, goal setting, time management, execution, etc…), even the spiritual dimension (discovering a higher power & purpose, etc…), few focus on building an enduring Philosophy of Engagement™.

The Challenge

Consider the following scenario: you have been given 30 days to live. With all of your material possessions used to cover the costs of treatment, you wonder what you can leave behind to your family and friends that will be of value to them—something that would tell your story, define you as a human being, and add significant value to their lives?

The Purpose


The answer to The Challenge can be found throughout history—through the lives of great men and women who have crafted their philosophies for others to study. Some call them creeds. Others call them constitutions, maxims, tonics, an ethos, or personal codes. From Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues to
Helen Keller’s personal essay on faith, a vital part of any performer/leader is getting in touch with his/her own philosophy declaring the core principles, beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, qualities, virtues, rules, standards, and other vital concepts that have come through past experiences to inform future challenges.

Using the great performers/leaders of our time, you will have the chance to work individually as well as collectively to uncover and identify the key factors that define your Philosophy of Engagement™.

Building your Philosophy of Engagement™ is about mining our own “acres of diamonds” and extracting from your life those experiences and lessons that have been instrumental in your learning and success. While many of us already have an enduring philosophy, few have brought it to light, nor lived it to its full capacity. That is our goal.

By participating in this portion of the adventure (each night before dinner), you will not only begin this process, but walk away with a working draft of your Philosophy of Engagement™—giving you the most important document you may ever write—even the most valuable asset you will leave to your family and friends.

Your Philosophy of Engagement™ is a living and breathing document—a work in progress that will help you stay focused and committed to living by your most enduring personal standards. Building your Philosophy of Engagement™ is about self-discovery, learning, and a commitment to living and leading on purpose—a vital skill for anyone wishing to advance their leadership potential.


The Environment

Our journey on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu provides a beautiful, historic, and cultural landscape, which allows for much self and collective reflection. In
partnership with other members of this expedition team, we will spend a total of 8 days (in Cuzco, the Inca Trail, and the beautiful town of Aguas Calientes) and 4 days in the Galapagos Islands filled with unique challenges, questions, and exercises. Each evening (approx. 1 hour) is designed to promote discussion, exchange, and reflection of the core ideas that culminate into the drafting, oral presentation, and commitment to living your Philosophy of Engagement™.


The Training Outline

Pre-Trip Readings and Topics (12 weeks prior to leaving for Peru/Ecuador):

• Communication #1: Introduction: Attentional Leadership™ Framework & Physical Preparation
• Communication #2: The Hero’s Journey
• Communication #3: Locus of Control: The Economy of Influence
• Communication #4: Spiritual Training: Tapping Your Deepest Motives, Values & Purpose
• Communication #5: Building Missions, Crafting Vision & Leaving Your Legacy
• Communication #6: Building an Architecting Focus with Goals
• Communication #7: Mental Strategies for Peak Performance
• Communication #8: Building Emotional Resiliency
• Communication #9: The Power of Iteration & Learning From Experience
• Communication #10: Collecting & Cultivating Your Moments of Performance
• Communication #11: Finding Your Flow in Everyday Life
• Communication #12: Summary and Application of Tools, Methods & Techniques

Discussion Topics:

• Evening 1: The Framework: Finding Your Flow and Attentional Leadership™
• Evening 2: Identifying the core principles & beliefs that have shaped your life
• Evening 3: Understanding the attitudes & perspectives that impact your perceptions
• Evening 4: Exploring the qualities and virtues you have aspired towards
• Evening 5: Discussing the rules & standards that have defined your character
• Evening 6: Drafting and initial review of your Philosophy of Engagement™
• Evening 7: Review and discussion of your Philosophy of Engagement™ (as a team). Living your Philosophy of Engagement™—identifying your “one thing” and coaching ;yourself towards long-term and sustained personal excellence

The Benefits

The benefits and walk-away’s of this workshop include:

• Understanding a new framework achieving peak performance every day
• Clarification of core values and principles that define you as a leader
• A structured approach to developing your Philosophy of Engagement™
• A new level of commitment to living your Philosophy of Engagement™
• An increase in confidence when living personal standards of excellence
• A new personal code to increase in daily focus and engagement

Together we will combine the best of Peru and the best of each team member, making the outer journey and the inner journey one that you will never forget.

Note: these are optional discussion sessions, but we request that
if you commit to them that you participate fully.

Adventure Investment

Adventure Includes (Peru Portion):

• Once in Peru, all land travel
• All domestic flights
• All meals (excepting final meal in Lima, which is optional)
• Hotel and lodge accommodations (two to a room, depending on group are optional), 2 nights prior to climb, 1 night after.
• All transfers
• National Park gate fees where applicable
• Camping fees
• All park and rescue fees
• Guides, porters, and cooks’
• All meals while on climb. Note ‘snack food’ below
• Government taxes where applicable
• All campsite equipment excluding sleeping bag and sleeping pad
• 2-person tents (single tent available upon request)
• 1 Western leader per 10 participants (Bruce, Jeff, Dave) and Sr. Peruvian guide
• All porters and cook staff
• Lima museum and/or tour on the last day (prior to returning to the airport)
• Continuing Education Credits (1.5) for those who request them


Adventure Does Not Include:

• Airfare to and from Lima, Peru
• Additional tips for Porters and guides (above and beyond the base tip rate included in price). This is done at one’s own discretion on an individual basis. Tips range from $120 to $170 total per person for entire Peruvian staff and $80 - $100 per person for Galapagos staff.
• Personal drinks, snacks, food, and gifts (if you want them)
• The last evening in Lima (before leaving for Galapagos) we typically all congregate at the beautiful La Rosa Nautica for a fine dining experience ( This is not mandatory, but a wonderful cap to our Peru adventure.

Client Testimonials

Investment: $2,950 (8-Days)
Note: We have spoken about adding 4 additional days onto the back end of the trip to visit the Galapagos Islands. If there is enough interest please email me as it would require a minimum of 10 participants..

Bruce and Jeff led a disparate group of strangers into a tightly knit group of friends via his nightly leadership discussions and training exercises. I can think of no better way after a hard day of physical demands, to further stretch oneself than how Bruce guided us to. It created a trip that expanded and enhanced the whole person, and provided some practical life take-aways that only emerged in this kind of natural setting.

           --Ron Lindorf, Entrepreneur


The conversations were enlightening and thought provoking. The scenery is unbelievable. It took me two and a half years to make it happen. My only regret is the other trips I missed during that time. Don't hesitate. It's an amazing experience.

--Meg Green, Sr. Director, Talent Negotiation & Recruitment, ESPN


The life lessons learned from you and everyone is truly a part of my life. I have shared my story many times with friends and the emphasis is still the remarkable treasure found in the leadership portion of the trip. Prior to your leader’s round table, I had not put together a philosophy of who I am and what I believe. Being able to identify the things I use to navigate through life has brought me more focus and clarity.

--Richard Hardware, 1st Sgt. United States Army


I have traveled throughout the world for decades but our trek to Machu Picchu with Dr. Bruce Jackson and Jeff Evans was far beyond all expectations. The grandeur of the Andes, the joy of community service, the excellent food, and wonderful training were all world class. Most of all, Bruce and Jeff are remarkably gifted at building superb teams of adventurous people. The training for enhanced performance in work, play, and family settings was superb, interesting, and a highlight of this wonderful trip. In sum, this trek was an experience of a lifetime.

--R. Christopher Barden, J.D. Ph.D.
World-renowned psychologist & trial attorney


Hiking the Andes along the Uber Inca Trail is an incredible experience. The leadership round table discussions enhance the experience. Bruce & Jeff provide an opportunity for anyone to examine their life and choices in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. The combination of enjoying the great outdoors and sharing an intellectual experience in a far off land truly help to find our minds and souls.

           --Mark N. Bair, MD, FACEP