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Finding Your Flow Open Enrollment Workshop. June 21st. Salt Lake City. Join Us!

06 Jun

Dear Friends & Colleagues: This is an invitation for you to attend my signature workshop: Finding Your Flow™ on June 21st (8:30am – 4:30pm) in Salt Lake City. Finding Your Flow™ is designed to help you clearly understand the elements of individual performance while helping you discover your “ONE THING” or “What’s Important Now”- your WIN on […]

Challenging Your Process: A Never Ending Practice

31 Aug

If any athlete had the right to call it quits, buy an island and relax, it’s Roger Federer. But no, instead of cruising towards retirement, Roger demonstrates the challenging skill of reinvention. In Kouzes & Posner’s “The Leadership Challenge” one of the core 5 leadership practices is to “Challenge the Process”. From a leadership […]

Increasing Self-Awareness Through External Feedback

31 Aug

The principle of feedback is central to any system. As humans, some of us are good at self-rating, while others “overrate” or “underrate” their self-knowledge. In this brief review of Tasha Eurich’s research — — you’ll get some practical tips on getting external feedback in order to develop a more accurate understanding of self.

Finding Your Flow. May 18. Salt Lake City.

05 May

Finding Your Flow (Attentional Self-Leadership) workshop on May 18 (8:30am to 1:00pm) in Salt Lake City. CLICK HERE for links to a brief video summary, program overview, topic outline, and client comments. You can register HERE for 2 complimentary seats (for HR/Training decision-makers) and discounted seats for additional participants. For questions or confirmations please don’t hesitate to email or call Steve […]

Flow and Attentional Leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy

28 Mar

Just when I thought our next generation of 18-22-year-olds were falling into a deep decline, I entered the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy and saw that we are in good hands. What an honor to speak on this historic campus, working with seniors (commissions in hand), juniors exploring their professional path, and the leadership faculty shaping these young cadets.   […]

Inspiring Evening at USNA

28 Feb

An inspiring evening at U.S. Naval Academy with CDR Kevin Mullaney, USN, P.h.D. Long run in the rain this eve on this historic campus — looking forward to working with students and faculty on Flow, Resilience, Attentional Leadership, and leading in dynamic environments. What an honor to be here. Go NAVY!

Building Your Philosophy of Engagement. Part 1

20 Jan

Consider this scenario: You wake up this morning feeling a little off, a bit dizzy. You go to work as usual and while parking your car you slam into the tree that’s been there for years. You didn’t see that tree. Come to think of it, you have lost most of your peripheral vision and […]

Managing Stress the Navy SEAL Way

12 Jan

When looking at high stress/high demand environments, few professions demand more than being a Navy SEAL. Recognizing that 2 principles — 1. Controlling the controllable and 2. Understanding that stress management skills –are learnable gives the rest of us a significant opportunity to apply these same tools, skills, mindsets in our own professional and personal lives. In […]

Peru Leadership Expedition 2017 (June 18-26). Join the Team.

30 Nov

Join our 10th Annual Peru Leadership Expedition in 2017 (June 18-26). During this adventure, you will have the opportunity to trek the native sections of the Huber Inca Trail and Machu Picchu via Lima, Cuzco, and various historical and cultural sites. This is a unique personal adventure, not only for the amazing terrain, culture, history, […]

From Handicap to Disability to Parability: a New Paradigm for Navigating Personal Challenges

07 Oct

At this summer’s Leadership Trek in Peru, we were graced with the attendance of Kelley Fox and her daughter Lily. It was the first time in 8 years of conducting this trek that one of our participants couldn’t hike –at least with her feet. Despite being a world-class Paralympic athlete and medalist (1994 Lillehammer), world-traveler and […]