Sports For Life – The Fruits of Play and Competition

In one’s pursuit to becoming a great athlete, student, or person, there are important keys that determine success or failure. While being better, faster, stronger, and smarter than others may get you so far – developing enduring personal qualities and the strategies to achieve them will help you gain that competitive edge in every arena of your life.

In this book you will explore 15 keys to success in any life arena. Step into the live of characters who have mastered these qualities of success. Through their journeys, and through your personal reflection, you will have the opportunity to apply these same qualities and skills on the field, at school, with friends, and at home. These qualities and skills include:

  • Setting a personal vision
  • Developing persistence
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Using humor during difficult times
  • Achieving balance in your life
  • Trusting in yourself and others
  • Learning how to become a team player
  • Appreciating the differences in others
  • Being grateful for all that you have
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • Understanding the benefits of honesty
  • Learning the power of your attitude
  • Recognizing the importance of being flexible
  • Building self-confidence
  • Gaining control through pro-activity

Any student or athlete will benefit from applying the qualities discussed in this book. This book’s fun and unique approach to teaching “peak performance” skills and qualities will entertain and instruct – giving you the secrets of success for any game of life.

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