Leadership Institute

Developing great leaders at all levels in your organization

“Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requires Leadership.”  —Dr. Peter F. Drucker

Developing great leaders at all levels in your organization1  The Problem

Your organization, like others, may be trying to develop your current and future leaders through a
series of training events; a smattering of leadership training that is not comprehensive, nor competency-based or data-driven.

It has been said that leadership is the “greatest force multiplier on the battlefield.” Developing true leadership is accomplished not done merely through a series of training events. And true leadership is not merely a position.

Leadership is a commitment to be a person of influence. It requires a new mindset, skill set, and tool set. It belongs at every level.

2  The Solution

Our solution is to give you the tools required to build and sustain leadership within your organization, from executives to your newest team members.

Our team, assembled from some of the most successful trainers in the industry, has created a system based on competencies and assessments for growing superb leaders.

Your team will capture and sustain leadership excellence using goal-driven, measurable actions that propel change and deliver results.

Our Team Assessments

Vital Signs Assessment:
A popular tool used to assess a number of key “vital signs” of your organization, including morale, leadership, culture, empowerment and other crucial factors.

Culture Assessment:
How healthy is your corporate culture? We offer a more in-depth look at your team environment.

Strength-Based Leader 360-degree Profiles:
An excellent tool for your individual leaders that provides feedback in eight key areas. Feedback comes from their peers, managers, direct reports and self.

Other Assessment Tools: include customer loyalty assessments, peer-reviews/270 feedback surveys, and other customizable tools.

Our Programs and Services

• Leadership Development
• Strategic Planning Off-Sites
• Corporate / Team Retreats
• Team / Individual Assessments
• Executive Coaching
• Customer Loyalty Programs
• Keynote Speaking and Breakouts
• High Adventure Programs such as Success Academy at Sea

Utilize Our Core Academies

Executive Leadership Academy:
Develops strategic and operational leadership for senior leaders

Emerging Leader Academy:
Develops up-and-coming future leaders through a year-long process

Leadership 101 Academy:
Develops current first line and mid-line leaders by providing critical skills needed for success

Advanced Leadership Academy:
Ideal for seasoned leaders; provides powerful skills through advanced programs geared towards greater responsibilities

Customer Loyalty Academy:
Creates a culture of customer service excellence that wins truly loyal customers

Personal Leadership Academy:
Develops and drives individuals towards personal greatness by “finding their flow” through continuous personal improvement

Customize Your Institute

• Understanding Leadership
• Creating Loyal Customers
• Communicating Effectively
• Interviewing and Hiring
• Building Effective Teams
• Delegating
• Motivating and Empowering Others
• Dealing with Dicult People
• Resolving Conflict
• Managing Individual Performance
• Coaching and Counseling
• Creative Thinking / Problem Solving
• Working in a Team
• Developing Decision-Making
• Networking
• Increasing Personal Power
• Finding Your Flow
• Increasing Personal Initiative
• Mentoring
• Crucial Conversations™
• Crucial Confrontations™
• The Strength-based Leader™ w/360 Feedback
• Negotiating
• Project Management
• Leading Change in your Team
• Communicating Between Genders
• Leading Across the Generations
• Quality/Lean Six-Sigma programs
• Overcoming Workplace Negativity
• Giving Effective Feedback
• Strategic Planning
• Strategy into Execution
• Leading Organizational Change
• Building Corporate Culture
• SPIN Selling™
• Building Trust
• Developing a Service Culture
• 7 Habits of Highly Effective People™

Other custom content/methods can be built based on need.

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