Peak Performance Academy Summary

The Peak Performance Academy is designed to help motivated high performers work together to maximize their personal and professional development. Inspired by Ben Franklin’s Junto Club where like-minded thinkers came together to learn and grow from one another, the Peak Performance Academy provides a structured approach for committed individuals to identify professional competency gaps, identify needed resources (often articles, books, or web content), and dialogue on a monthly basis to share insights that support one another’s personal and professional development.

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The Peak Performance Academy typically begins after the completion of the Finding Your Flow workshop with a committed team(s) of individuals (8-12)—for 12 consecutive months (or however long the team commits to the process). Teams may continue this process after the initial sequence has been completed.

The Peak Performance Academy is led by an Institute of Applied Human Excellence facilitator, a designated in-house facilitator, or a combination of both. Monthly meetings are held as a team—with each individual having identified one personal area of study for that quarter.

Using a combination of chosen articles, books, or other resources, the first group of four team members present on their topic in 10-15-minute segments with each presentation giving new insights and strategies for the benefit of the team. This cycle repeats itself each month (with four new presenters) up to a calendar year.

Over the course of the year, each team member will present four total topics (one per quarter) with each member benefitting from more than 48 team total presentations.

At each session, everyone will share his/her personal scorecards, key performance indicators, and their personal and professional progress.

Below represents a summary outline of the typical Peak Performance Academy (PPA):

Month 1: Finding Your Flow Training and Study

  • After completing the Finding Your Flow workshop and Personal Score-carding Session, each group member will have identified their “one thing” and identify a “Training Mission”
  • Participants begin reviewing content on a chosen subject—usually to decrease a Flow Liability or increase a Flow Asset
  • Participants will begin to track their daily and weekly progress on a personal score-carding system

Month 2: First PPA Meeting

  • PPA team(s) have their first scheduled meeting (Approximately 1 Hour)
  • 4 of the 12 individuals will prepare a 10-minute presentation and handout
  • Individual scorecards shared with the team

Month 3-12: Monthly PPA Meeting

  • PPA team continues to meet monthly (up to 12 months)
  • 4 new team members present monthly
  • Individual scorecards shared with the team

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