Principles of Personal Excellence Course

What is it?

  • A comprehensive, certificate-based course designed to facilitate success within any Meaningful Life Arena by providing the essential principles, practices, current research and tools to maximize personal and professional effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • A collaboration/partnership between The Institute of Applied Human Excellence (content owner), and Washington Institute (owning an exclusive license to sell globally).

How is it organized?

  • The course will take students sequentially through the various factors that influence the performance at the personal level (physical, emotional, psychological, emotional, spiritual).
  • 26 coaching sessions will be delivered by Content Experts, covering:
    • An Introduction to performance “Systems”
    • What Can Be Controlled?
    • Motives, Values & Purpose
    • The Impact of Nutrition on Performance
    • The Impact of Fitness on Performance
    • Missions, Vision & Legacy Building
    • Building an Architecture of Focus through Goals
    • Measuring Your Performance
    • Maximizing Time
    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Rest, Recovery and Sleep
    • Imagery & Visualization
    • Reframing & Rethinking
    • Self-talk, Affirmations & Personal Questions
    • Building Emotional Resilience
    • Focus, Concentration & Absorption
    • Beliefs, Self-Confidence & Self-Concept
    • Building a Philosophy of Engagement
    • The Elements of Happiness
    • Finding Your Flow
  • Each session will last an average of 75 minutes and include the following:
    • Streaming Video & Audio Discussion & Coaching (available in other media formats, too)
    • Exercises, Assignments, Illustrations, Examinations & Readings

What is the desired outcome?

  • Each student will build a personal performance portfolio, consisting of documents that articulate core values, long and short-term goals and practical plans.
  • These elements will culminate in a practical plan that offers the student control over his/her personal and professional satisfaction by managing or eliminating much of the volatility experienced in life.

What is the cost of this course?

The cost of this course is $299 and it may be completed at anytime and desired pace.

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