Congressional Metal of Honor Winners. True Heroes

26 Feb

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From time to time I come across the stories of great men who live and die valiantly for duty, honor, and service for their friends, their team, and for their country. Their acts of selflessness should be understood and internalized by all of us whose freedoms rely on their sacrifices. Honoring Charles B. Morris: Rank […]

Nature vs. Nurture. Some Questions Answered

25 Feb

I recently completed Sharon Begley’s book: Train Your Mind Change Your Brain. It was very well written and insightful! If you’ve wanted to take a closer look at brain science and clinical research and what it says about our capacity to change ourselves, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Begley does a wonderful job of looking at […]

Peru Leadership Adventure 2014. Registration is Open!

17 Feb

Dear Friends & Colleagues: Several have been inquiring about this year’s Peru Leadership Adventure so I’m reaching out to you as you are on the list and we are finalizing dates. If you are thinking about participating this year, please CLICK HERE and take 60 seconds to take this brief survey regarding your your potential interest and […]

Take 5 Minutes to Be Grateful… 50 Reasons Why We Are Living Through the Greatest Period in World History

04 Feb

I’ve always contended that happiness and misery are simply manufactured from the data you attend to. Take for instance a party: half the night you might meet an old friend, have an inspiration conversation, sip a fine drink, make a new friend, observe the night’s sky, etc…. The other half of the night you may […]

Introducing: The Institute of Applied Human Excellence in Ghana!

28 Jan

Kudos to our inspired friend Prince BUSIA OPOKU who has taken the initiative to start The IAHE in Ghana. The goal will be to unite students throughout the country to excel as individual leaders–to focus on personal excellence while looking for opportunities to influence their communities as young leaders. We are excited to support their good […]

An Ode to Scrooge!

15 Dec

When I speak to audiences throughout the U.S. I often bring out the number: 788,400. After a slight pause I remind them that this is the number of hours they will live if they died on their 90th birthday. This is my way of making a practical exercise out life–recognizing that hour, by hour, day […]

Religion–A Therapeutic Tool. Duh!

01 Dec

I find it fascinating that it’s taken psychiatrists 100+ years to state the obvious about religious conviction and therapeutic impact. Is it any wonder why this industry is in total chaos? <<After a year of study, researchers found that faith in the Almighty doubled a person’s chances of responding well to treatment. >>  Belief […]