Getting Ready for a New Structured Experience!

09 Sep

Next week is another new adventure for our “A Call to Adventure” team (Jeff Evans, David Fedler, and myself) as we work with a world-class Fortune 500 Supply Chain team to help them complete “The Hero’s Journey”. Among our “Structured Experiences”, we will include our “Solo Summit” where leaders are given compelling personal questions that […]

Peru Leadership Expedition 2013 Summary

09 Sep

In June of 2013, we assembled for our 5th Annual Leadership Expedition team for a 12-day adventure in the Peruvian Andes.  Our plan was to rendezvous in the mountain city of Cusco and explore the surrounding areas.  We would then depart for a very remote and isolated part of the Inca Trail where we would […]

A Tribute to my Father

23 Aug

Last month I was asked to write a special story about my father. Given the love and respect I’ve always had for that man, I was eager to offer a few thoughts on his life and the many lessons I learned from him. I wanted to share this story with my IAHE readers: Writing this […]

5th Annual Peru Leadership Adventure June 1-11, 2013. Registration Now Open!

23 Jan

To:  Friends and Colleagues From:  Bruce H. Jackson Re:  5th Annual Peru Leadership Adventure June 1-11, 2013.              Registration Now Open! Dear Friends & Colleagues: The dates are now set for our 2013 Peru Leadership Adventure so clear your calendars from June 1-11 and invest in yourself and embrace the journey. CLICK HERE […]

Understanding and Leveraging Human Behavior on the Internet. What’s Possible?

03 Oct

In this blog post, I am paying particular attention to Christakis and Fowler’s book “Connected” (specifically Chapter 8) as their observations and discussions are compelling with regards to behavioral and sociological dynamics. These dynamics may very well revolutionalize how we understand, educate, and train human behavior in a positive way ( They begin this chapter […]

Finding Your Flow Newsletter Introduction and Invitation

19 Mar

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Performance Enthusiasts: For 25 years I have researched, written, spoken, and taught students of all ages about practical strategies to improve performance and to enter “Flow” within any “Meaningful Life Arena.” I have recently completed a book entitled: “Finding Your Flow: How to Identify Your Flow Assets and Liabilities—The Keys to […]

12 Books: Book Group End of Month

28 Jan

January has been exciting as I’ve had the chance to interact with the members of the 12 Books book group. On Tuesday the 31st I will be hosting a no cost webinar to wrap up the reading of my recent book, Finding Your Flow. During this month I’ve been guiding members of the group through […]